No pain no gain?

Training and not losing weight? In fact gaining weight? Sound familiar? This was my story whilst training for Ironman a few years back. No doubt I was fit and strong and ready to race. But I was also soft around the middle and carrying 5kgs more than I should have.

Why? I don’t have all the answers, but I’m coming closer…..two key factors stand out for me: stress and nutrition.

Stress: Not enough recovery, insufficient sleep, not recognizing and accounting for daily work and living stress on top of a hectic training programme. Stress also in the form of training intensity – too many sessions done too hard, and the hard sessions not done hard enough.

Nutrition: Eating more than necessary, and fueled predominantly on carbohydrates. Food became my crutch to get through sessions and then to reward the effort.

I’m getting a lot more right – with both the stress and nutrition – and have subsequently lost the pesky 5kgs. But it is a work in progress to stay in tune with what is happening in and around my body, and not just plug myself blindly into a training programme or eating plan.

This is why I found the article below an interesting read…

6 Training mistakes that lead to weight gain – Women’s Running article by Jessica Migala – published 5 Nov 2015; updated 16 May 2016


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